Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Flourishing Retailers Tip

Through my travels and Pinterest scanning this past week, my eye has been drawn how retailers are using their vertical space. Chances are your walls are tall enough that customers can’t reach everything; making use of this extra space can have quite an impact on your store’s overall look and feel.

          Your Flourish Tip:

Use the vertical space to deliver a brand message, through graphics, props, or merchandise displays reflecting what can be found nearby.

Empty, unused space above your fixtures can give your retail space the unfortunate appearance of looking empty, low in stock, or simply unfinished.  Sadly, customers can’t reach this space or any merchandise stored within it, so what do we do?

Use graphics driving your brand or image – specifically lifestyle-oriented images showing customers how happy they will be while using the product.  Take a look the next time you’re shopping in a mall to see how corporate retailers have used their graphics.
The area above your fixtures can also be used for additional merchandise displays, such as bust forms dressed in garments found below or a vignette containing interesting combinations of merchandise stored nearby.

Probably one of the most interesting uses of the high-up space I’ve seen is to display props that relate to the merchandise: This way you have an interesting display but aren’t using sellable inventory.

What can you do to make your vertical space more interesting? (I would love to see your opinions or ideas in the comments section below.)

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