Friday, 4 May 2012

Creating a Sense of Urgency

This week's tip of the week was about reminding your customers of important dates approaching in a relevant display.  This creates a sense of urgency and gets customers in a frame of mind where they will begin to consider everything that they'll need for that approaching date.

For example, a simple sign that reads "Mother's Day is May 13th" on a display of ideal Mother's Day gifts will get the customer thinking "What do I need for then?" and "What can I pick up here?"  It not only gets them looking through the gifts for the perfect one for Mom, but also has them consider other items that may be in-store that would apply!

Do ensure that the sign is professional, simple, easy to read, and attractive and that it is contained in a sign holder or a pretty frame (whichever is consistent with your usual signage).  Some might prefer to give customers a gentle reminder that a holiday is approaching by having the merchandise tell them, such as the photo below.  Just make sure everyone working at the store knows the date for inquiring customers!

Remember, by doing this you're not only increasing sales, but also doing a service to your customers!  Sometimes we need a reminder to not leave things until the last minute.  And... in the case of our example date, Moms probably appreciate it, too!

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