Thursday, 17 October 2013

Preparing for a Trade Show in Style on EMomNowTV Live

Instead of your usual old tip, I thought sharing this with you would be fun!  Last Tuesday, I spend an hour with the ladies of Entrepreneur Mom Now sharing and discussing how to prepare for a craft or trade show in style!

Here's the video:

Major takeaways?
  • Have a goal in mind and share it with your team
  • Four keys to trade show success:
    • Draw attention
    • Brand!
    • Collect Information
    • Act! (Follow up)
  • The majority of people look 45 degrees to the right when entering, this is a good spot for a booth.
  • The butt brush effect - keep aisles and space open, allowing people to move freely
  • Invite people in and avoid blocking off your booth
  • Create a clean and inviting booth, consider using props, and be sure it reflects you and your brand!
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