Friday, 28 March 2014

Spring Fever

Up here in Canada, we're going nuts waiting for spring weather to come...

Just to make sure you're in the mood and ready, here's a link to last year's spring inspiration as well as a few more photos. Let's get the creative juices flowing!

Window Display featuring 10 Days fashions. Visual Merchandising.
10 Days window display from the side at Thread Hill
3-tier table visual merchandising in blues and greens

Visual merchandising for bridal registry - display

Visual merchandising for kitchen department

Visual merchandising for Revolution Boutique - fashion merchandising
SuperDry display for Revolution Boutique
Eco boutique set up by Melissa of Flourish Design & Merchandising

Visual merchandising for Oncore Medical - spring display

Bath accessory display on etagere to coordinate with bedding - visual merchandising

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