Monday, 11 February 2013

Tip of the Week

Here's your Tip of the Week:

Take all the posters, stickers, and homemade signage off of your windows so that customers can see into the store or your displays.
The view through the store window at Elegant Expressions.
Sometimes it might seem like those signs and stickers bring people in the door, but are they properly representing your brand?  Do they contribute to the look and feel of your facade?  They can lower a customer's percieved value of your store and the product you sell, so make sure that they're up for a reason if you're going to keep them there!

If you really want to keep your signs and stickers up, consider designating one specific area where they're allowed to go and keeping them to that area.  Then, be sure to remove them when they're old or tattered!

Happy Selling!

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