Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Fixtures Close Up Favorites

I first found Fixtures Close Up on Pinterest and now I look forward to my daily fixtures emails, so I asked Tony Kadysewski if I could share some of my favorites with you!  He generously agreed, so here they are in no particular order!

Also...  These are just the favorites I found, there are so many more gems all over the Fixtures Close Up blog.  You can find everything from big box retail solutions to high end boutique solutions, so set aside some time to go digging!

Industrial and Rural Chic Combine

Image Courtesy of Fixtures Close Up
This is a great DIY project for your store!  Be sure to merchandise any unique configurations neatly to really maximize impact.

Do-It-Yourself Store Fixtures

Photos Courtesy of Simplified Building Concepts and Fixtures Close Up
What a great industrial look for menswear!  If you're not handy, though, be sure to get help from someone who is.

Do-It-Yourself Wood Box Display

Image courtesy of Goncalo Pinho and Fixtures Close Up
What a fun fixture to put together yourself and it wouldn't even be overly expensive!

Haberdash Designer Peg'd Board

Image courtesy of Dezeen, Haberdash and Form Us With Love, as well as Fixtures Close Up
What a fun display!  This could be done anywhere in-store, just be sure it's a feature area!  It could also be a fun backdrop in a simple window with a mannequin.

Plaid on a Pegboard

Image courtesy of Fixtures Close Up
Okay, pegboard usually isn't the go-to material when we think of visual merchandising, but here it is looking good for menswear!  This is pegboard done right.

Lingerie in a Bell Jar

Image courtesy of Fixtures Close Up
Do you really want to make something feel special?  Put it in a bell jar!

Jack Daniel's Barrels as Decor

Image courtesy of Mark Steele Photography, Display and Design Ideas, and Fixtures Close Up
Ahhhh...  Doesn't it just make sense?

Wash Tub Bulk Bins

Image Courtesy of Fixtures Close Up
I've loved this fixture from the first time I saw it and it makes a great DIY project for items sold in bulk!

Store Self-Dispenses T-shirts

Image courtesy of Shop Design Gallery, Streetology, and Fixtures Close Up
Ahhhh...  A good colour flow just makes my heart happy...

Shoe and Sock Color Cross Sell

Image courtesy of Fixtures Close Up
Add on selling at its best!  They say visual merchandising is the silent sales person for a reason...

Have you got more favorites?  Link to them in the comments section below and don't forget to follow the links (headings) to the actual articles from Fixtures Close Up.  There, you'll find more info and additional photos!

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Happy Selling!

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